Words I Can Live By

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No-Fuss Apple Delight

It’s Sunday night and I’m working on some French homework and doing the laundry.  But, we all need breaks and snacks.  Here is a quick recipe for No-Fuss Apple Delight inspired by my mother’s apple crisp but in a quicker, lazier format.  Be fast and loose with the ingredients.  (Maybe add some cinnamon if you have it?)  And this is pretty portioned control and depending on the sweetener, granola and yogurt you pick it’s a pretty healthy little dish.

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New years Mission

The word, ‘resolution,’ as defined by the Apple dictionary widget, is a firm decision to do or not to do something. I feel as though this is such a strong word, but there is not enough leeway. It is a word that sets one in stone and applies too much pressure. When I see this word, I become a little anxious as though I am already anticipating my imminent failure. I therefore, do not want to have a resolution.

The word, ‘mission,’ as defined by the Apple dictionary widget, is a strongly felt aim, ambition, or calling. Now this, I like. I like this word so much more because right there, in the definition are the words, ‘strongly felt.’ Whenever I try my hardest or do my best, I utter the words, “I feel as though I did my best.” When you feel something, it is true! Nobody can say that your feelings are wrong, because the fact you felt them, makes them correct. They can, however say, “I feel as though you are wrong,” but you know what? let ’em feel that way! YOU feel as though THEY are wrong about YOU being wrong!!!!! Beautiful, isn’t it? I enjoy never being wrong.

Anyways, my New Years Mission is to make someone laugh everyday. Sounds hard, but I feel as though it will be quite easy…

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Best of 2011

This has been a big year for me.  I moved to a new city and started going to to a new school.  Big.  Now, join me as I let you know some of the other things that defined this year for me.

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Something to make you smile!

Not sure if anyone else is feeling the winter blues already…..but this little video about improv in New York put a smile on my face so I thought I would share…maybe it will brighten your day too!

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A Helpful, Healthful Remedy

I was ghastly sick a few weeks ago and as anyone who has ever been sick knows, everyone you know suddenly becomes a doctor. Well, it’s my turn to pass on the wisdom. Midterm season is under full swing and sickness looms around every corner.

My cold was accompanied by a wicked cough that actually led me to lose my voice (terrifying, for this acting major) for a few days and this beverage saved what remained of my voice. It’s got all the right stuff and still tastes good. The ginger root was recommended by my friend Daniel and gives the drink and nice, strong, spicy punch that really makes you feel like health is just around the corner. Try different combos of the amount of ingredients until you find what feels the best. (Also, you can try smashing up the ginger with the back of a spoon directly into the mug.) This is “you” time. Add some chicken noodle and a trashy magazine and you’ll be out party rockin’ in no time!

What are you favorite homemade sickness remedies?

Read on for a full, step-by-step visual recipe.

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Glee: Ep. 303 – Asian F

This is a sad post for me as I know that I won’t be writing again until November. And in Calgary, that means more than likely, I will be dusting snow off the windshield of the car and finding out that yes, last winter, I did lose my favorite mittens. (Every year.. )

However, let’s revel in the fact that it isn’t even Halloween yet and Glee has provided us with another story-focused episode.

Without further ado, last weeks Q and A’s and as always SPOLIERS AHEAD! BEWARE!
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If anyone else is a fan of Florence and the Machine, give What the Water Gave Me, from her  new album Ceremonials, a watch/listen. I think it is truly lovely.

p.s. sorry I have been MIA for posts lately…will be back very soon ladies!



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Glee: I Am Unicorn

Blaine gettin' it done.

I’m still a bit on edge with Glee because I feel like this is a make-it-or-break-it season.  That said I really enjoyed last week’s episode.  We’re just two days away from the next episode but let’s recap “I Am Unicorn” with the latest Q&A with myself and Alex Jay.

SPOILER ALERT – Proceed with caution.

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