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Questionable #2

Question of the week is really not something I’m willing to commit to (just like my feelings towards actually paying for a gym membership) but to save on preamble, I’ll just call these posts “Questionable” henceforth. Today’s question, What song … Continue reading

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Glee: New York

So, the finale has come and gone and now we’ll have to wait until the fall for another year of shenanigans from the New Directions gang.  It’s been an interesting season and we’re glad you could join us!  Now read … Continue reading

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The Third & The Seventh

A favourite of mine, I could watch this over and over again.

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Glee: Funeral

This was a character-rich episode that dealt with the idea of loss and sets us up for next week’s season finale.  E-mail us any questions you want to see about this season by midnight after the finale airs for a … Continue reading

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1001 Movies You Must See – Tarantino Edition

One of the most iconic American directors, Quentin Tarantino shows up on the “Must See” list four different times.  Known for his spot-on musical scores, foot fetishes and trunk shots, I agree that Tarantino earned and deserves all four of … Continue reading

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Question Of The Week #1

What are you most tired of right now? Politics? Tired of being tired? Charlie Sheen?  Whatever. I’d say I’m most tired of my springtime allergies.  I only started getting real allergies in the last two years and they make for … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Dumplings Forever. (my “Adult Single Journey”)

So, I’m back from my trip! I went with my cousin and we had an amazing time. Hong Kong is a place to visit for anyone going to travel through Asia! I have flown to the HKIA many times, it’s … Continue reading

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Glee: Prom Queen

Alex Jay and Nicole coming at you with another recap of this week’s prom-centric episode! And as always, spoilers ahead.  Proceed with caution!

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Welcome, Allison!

Yet another wonderful woman joins our ranks tonight!  Allison will be coming at us with her quirky and insightful posts which I’m really looking forward to reading!  You know the drill, click the tab “Allison” at the top of this … Continue reading

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Mother Mother

Is it inevitable that we will become our mothers? That’s the question nearly every twenty-something woman I know has asked herself.  I certainly have.  Every time I cry watching Oprah (which I nearly every episode now that she’s retiring), screw … Continue reading

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