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A Helpful, Healthful Remedy

I was ghastly sick a few weeks ago and as anyone who has ever been sick knows, everyone you know suddenly becomes a doctor. Well, it’s my turn to pass on the wisdom. Midterm season is under full swing and … Continue reading

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Glee: Ep. 303 – Asian F

This is a sad post for me as I know that I won’t be writing again until November. And in Calgary, that means more than likely, I will be dusting snow off the windshield of the car and finding out … Continue reading

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If anyone else is a fan of Florence and the Machine, give What the Water Gave Me, from her  new album Ceremonials, a watch/listen. I think it is truly lovely. p.s. sorry I have been MIA for posts lately…will be … Continue reading

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Glee: I Am Unicorn

I’m still a bit on edge with Glee because I feel like this is a make-it-or-break-it season.  That said I really enjoyed last week’s episode.  We’re just two days away from the next episode but let’s recap “I Am Unicorn” … Continue reading

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