Glee: I Am Unicorn

Blaine gettin' it done.

I’m still a bit on edge with Glee because I feel like this is a make-it-or-break-it season.  That said I really enjoyed last week’s episode.  We’re just two days away from the next episode but let’s recap “I Am Unicorn” with the latest Q&A with myself and Alex Jay.

SPOILER ALERT – Proceed with caution.

Alex Jay: This season is focusing so much more on story rather than song, which means there is actually relevance and meaning behind songs. Do you feel like Glee has finally found their balance of the two? Or is the music lacking now?
Nicole: It’s refreshing to have more time for character development and less time wondering why everyone in Lima loves P!nk so much. I love Glee – I wouldn’t do these recaps if I didn’t – but I want them to use this season to prove themselves worthy of the hype. I think they can do But yeah, just make sure the songs that they do use, are golden.

Shelby and Rachel belt it out.

Alex Jay: Idina Menzel is back and I’m glad but the method of bringing her back is ridiculous. Do you think her Glee club will expand past its one member? Didn’t glee state that you need a certain number of members in a club to compete once-upon-a-time?
Nicole: I have no idea what the hell the writers were thinking with this second Glee club idea. I just keep thinking that it all would have been so much easier to make Shelby the director or the musical (as I said in my questions) and then you can still have your drama-pie and no weird secondary Glee club issues.

Alex Jay: I love the new Quinn but who do you think the “real” Quinn is? Is she miss blonde popular captain of the cheerios Fabray or badass smoking nose ring “Imma get my baby back through deceit and lies” Fabray?
Nicole: Quinn Fabray is a liar. She’s a liar because she’s scared. Of what? I don’t know yet but I don’t have a clue who she actually is because I don’t know anything real about her. I hope they can make her storyline work because after last season, I have very little patience for her behavior.


Which Unicorn for prez?

Nicole: Who’s gonna win Battle of the Unicorns?
Alex Jay: I think the race for class president will go to a contender that is neither Kurt or Brittany. It will go on for a while, cause tension in the group and then at the end Becky will win!

Quinn and Puck having an H2H

Nicole: What do you predict with happen with the Shelby/Puck/Quinn/Beth/Rachel/Everyone storyline? I would have loved to see Shelby just become the director of the musical but, we can’t always get what we want. How will she get people to join HER glee club?
Alex Jay:
I think that Quinn is going to try her hardest to get baby Beth back and it will get so messy that Shelby will have to move back to wherever she came from (New York?). And her glee club will just fade away into a distant memory of bad glee story lines.

Nicole: What the fuck is going to happen to Kurt and Blaine?
Alex Jay:
Ah, gay boy drama. What I think should happen: Kurt gets over his pride and realizes that he is not the “man” of his relationship and be happy for Blaine. What will probably happen: Kurt will get his panties in a knot and probably either quit the play or break up with Blaine. This is TV after all, not real life.

Share your comments below and then join us as we recap next week’s episode “Asian F’!


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