Glee: Ep. 303 – Asian F

This is a sad post for me as I know that I won’t be writing again until November. And in Calgary, that means more than likely, I will be dusting snow off the windshield of the car and finding out that yes, last winter, I did lose my favorite mittens. (Every year.. )

However, let’s revel in the fact that it isn’t even Halloween yet and Glee has provided us with another story-focused episode.

Without further ado, last weeks Q and A’s and as always SPOLIERS AHEAD! BEWARE!

Alex Jay Asked:

1. Will has lost it. He has been a giant prick! Every episode he chews out a different glee member. First Santana, then Quinn and now Mercedes? Is it built up sexual tension from not getting any from Emma or just generalasshole-iness? tears streamed...down my face.. in pain.

Nicole:1. I haven’t made it a secret that I haven’t liked Will for some time now. I don’t think behaves appropriately as a teacher and his overwhelming urge to serve himself drives me crazy. As an educator he does not need to be yelling at his students. No matter how much he wants them to act like adults, he is the only actual adult. Santana is acting out? Don’t publicly shame her, talk to her privately about why she is behaving this way. Quinn is fucked up? Don’t yell at her and pass the buck, TALK TO HER! She gave up a baby for adoption, that shit doesn’t just go away because this is a new season. Mercedes is being a diva? If he would take a second to just TALK to her he’d know she’s self-conscious and feeling pressured by her boyfriend to let her competitive side out (and I can tell you firsthand that competition in the arts, in high school, is dangerous). In short, Will is the only person who needs to act his age. All the students are acting like high school students and they need an adult to help them, not freak out at them. *RANT OVER!* (AJ note: Ps, thanks for ruining “Fix You” Shitster)
2. It’s nice to see the Mike and Emma come forward as supporting characters and get some on screen time. Who else would you like to see the show focus on a bit more?

Nicole: This whole Mike storyline brought unexpected tears to my eyes. I’m half-Japanese and sometimes I wonder if my Dad gave up his dreams to be the man he is today because that’s what his culture/family expected.

Asian A+

I’ve basically had the conversation Mike and his BEAUTIFUL mother has with my father this summer. Having your parent understand your dreams and not want you to give them up is a wonderful thing especially when you don’t expect it. So, I want more of this.

3. In your opinion, who was more deserving of the role Maria? Do you agree that Rachel is just Schue’s favorite and Mercedes is more or just as talented but not given the opportunity? Or has Rachel earned her leading roles?

Nicole: Rachel is the only choice to play Maria. Mercedes powerful, deep, rich, voice but it is not right for Maria. She does not have the Broadway voice of an ingenue and that is just the fact. This business isn’t always “fair” and in the end, I think Mercedes is being done a favor by leaning that now rather than later.

Switch Sides!

Nicole Asked:

1. Is Mercedes pregnant? 

A.J: At first, her sickness and tiredness did seem to be a sign of teen pregnancy (especially with her kinda pushy new BF).. but once the Dreamgirls references starting pouring in, I realized it was just mirroring when Effie White would also refer to being “sick” or “in pain” as a term for emotional turmoil. So nah, only Quinn gets the baby drama.

2. It seems like everyone is running for class president. If you could vote for any of the characters to have been the class president of YOUR high school, who would it have been and why?

A.J: I think I’d probably have to go with the one and only Santana Lopez. And no, it’s not just because I have pledged my lesbian allegiance to her! Santana is a go-getter and always gets what she wants! She also has in’s with many groups of the school and could probably throw a great party. Ok.. you caught me. The real reason I’d vote Santana Lopez for class prez is this great booty shake that occurred during the “Girls (Run the World)” number. Sue me.

3. As important as the musical is to the club, do you think the rest of the school will care? Could this be a turning point in the acceptance of the general school population of the Glee club?

A.J: I think that absolutely no one will care about the musical. And the people that can stomach the Glee club may attend to see the football guys dance around in tight jeans snappping their fingers, but other than that.. nah. Just another side storyline so characters can quit and come back and quit and come back again and Kurt can pine in the side lines as he watched his butch boyfriend play the rugged Tony wooing Maria.

Side Note for Ryan Murphy: Notice how we didn’t even mention Emma and her parents storyline? Yeah, no one cares. Thanks.

Next Month: Episode 304 – Pot ‘O’ Gold


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