A Helpful, Healthful Remedy

I was ghastly sick a few weeks ago and as anyone who has ever been sick knows, everyone you know suddenly becomes a doctor. Well, it’s my turn to pass on the wisdom. Midterm season is under full swing and sickness looms around every corner.

My cold was accompanied by a wicked cough that actually led me to lose my voice (terrifying, for this acting major) for a few days and this beverage saved what remained of my voice. It’s got all the right stuff and still tastes good. The ginger root was recommended by my friend Daniel and gives the drink and nice, strong, spicy punch that really makes you feel like health is just around the corner. Try different combos of the amount of ingredients until you find what feels the best. (Also, you can try smashing up the ginger with the back of a spoon directly into the mug.) This is “you” time. Add some chicken noodle and a trashy magazine and you’ll be out party rockin’ in no time!

What are you favorite homemade sickness remedies?

Read on for a full, step-by-step visual recipe.










About Nicole

Night owl, pop culture enthusiast and independent young lady with theatrical tendencies. In a long-distance relationship with New York City.
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