New years Mission

The word, ‘resolution,’ as defined by the Apple dictionary widget, is a firm decision to do or not to do something. I feel as though this is such a strong word, but there is not enough leeway. It is a word that sets one in stone and applies too much pressure. When I see this word, I become a little anxious as though I am already anticipating my imminent failure. I therefore, do not want to have a resolution.

The word, ‘mission,’ as defined by the Apple dictionary widget, is a strongly felt aim, ambition, or calling. Now this, I like. I like this word so much more because right there, in the definition are the words, ‘strongly felt.’ Whenever I try my hardest or do my best, I utter the words, “I feel as though I did my best.” When you feel something, it is true! Nobody can say that your feelings are wrong, because the fact you felt them, makes them correct. They can, however say, “I feel as though you are wrong,” but you know what? let ’em feel that way! YOU feel as though THEY are wrong about YOU being wrong!!!!! Beautiful, isn’t it? I enjoy never being wrong.

Anyways, my New Years Mission is to make someone laugh everyday. Sounds hard, but I feel as though it will be quite easy…

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2 Responses to New years Mission

  1. samaradanea says:

    Well mission accomplished!! And I think you right, New Years Misssions is far better then saying New Years resolutions. Saying I have a mission makes me feel like James Bond so 2012 you better watch out cause my New Years Mission is to kick some ass!!

  2. Nicole says:

    Love that. My mission is to live month-by-month. Too many of them have gotten away from me.

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