Angie’s Close-Up

Name: Angie Wong!
Username: trajectorymachine
Hometown: Calgary, born and raised.
Age: A ripe 22 (Hahaha)
Memorable Movie: This is hard because I don’t want many movies- will update when I think of it!
Drink of Choice: Water.  (Boring? I KNOW!)
Favourite Scent: Hugo Boss Deep Red or maybe the new Prada? I’ll let you know!
Perfect Breakfast: Something savoury: sunnyside up eggs, toast, hashbrowns! (every lady needs a strong first meal of the day)



Bio:  First of all, I’m more than a face- I’m an entire person! I love learning and am a firm believer in education, except for BAD pedagogy and the bureaucracy (which you’ll hear more about…). I am a progressive thinker and doer- no bullshitting around; which is probably why I’m very tolerant but incredibly impatient. Entering last semester of a 3-year Bachelor of Communication & Culture at the University of Calgary (mouth loud of shit for a piece of paper) and will continue on to graduate studies in Education- OH, I want to be an elementary school teacher! If I fail at that because there are no jobs, then I guess it’s on to my Masters to be a Prof- OOOH, yes, a Prof. Itty-bitty Angie Wong who’s not very intimidating or scary going to be a Prof. Want to be in my class? I will blow your mind.

Social Networking:  I’m conservative with Internet dilly-dallies, I’m on Facebook, along with that other 1,000 Angie Wong’s in this city whom all go to the U of C. UGH.


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