Nicole’s Close-Up

Name: Nicole
Current City:
Vancouver, BC
Calgary, AB
Memorable Movie: Peter Pan, either version.
Drink of Choice: Tie between chocolate milk or vanilla vodka & OJ.
Favorite Scent: Popcorn.
Perfect Breakfast: The “bowl of soul” at Overeasy Breakfast on Edmonton Tr in Calgary.

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Bio: I’m Nicole, a proud half-Japanese girl on the verge of some big life changes.  I graduated from Mount Royal University’s Theatre Arts Performance program in 2009 and I’m now in the beginning year of the Acting BFA at the University of British Columbia. Needless to say, I have a love for theatre and I’m really looking forward to learning and growing more at UBC. But anyone who knows me would also tell you that I have a bit of an obsession with pop culture. So along with articles about theatre and the arts, I’ll also be your girl for articles about movies, celebrities, web-video and what’s on TV tonight! Looking forward to this wonderful journey on Mary to Marylin!


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