Nikki’s Close-Up

Name: Nikki
Username: niksgig
Location: Okotoks, AB
Age: 22
Memorable Movie: Just one? Most watched (sadly) She’s the Man and Current Favourite is Star Trek
Drink of Choice: I have a love affair with Ice Water
Favourite Scent: Vanilla, or Lemslip soap from LUSH
Perfect Breakfast: The best breakfast I’ve ever had was Dairy Cream Ice Cream Cake. It was the day after my birthday, awesome breakfast. But on any day, Toasted PB & J with fruit!


Bio: Ah, the bio aka most awkward piece of material you ever have to right, it’s worst when you’re not in first person. “Nikki is so grateful for the opportunity to gush about herself in a 150 word bio that everyone reads and judges”. It’s the hardest. So I guess this one is my rebellious one, and I hope to include that in my contribution to M2M. I’m not the norm, I say the things you’re all thinking, and not afraid to be ridiculous or talk about ridiculous things. I’m dipping my hands into a lot of things right now and I also hope to share the things I see and think about. I’ll probably bore you some days, or wow you with the socially awkward events in my life.

Social Networking:
My blog! It’s a new and exciting thing I’m trying, so check it out for the full length feature of my life and all its gloriousness. Click here!


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