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GLEE: Season Three

After a switch-a-roo of locations, Nicole having moved from Calgary to Vancouver and I have moved back to Calgary from Toronto.. one thing stays the same. GLEE is back and full of drama for us to write about!

Like our lives, the New Directions kids got punched in the face by change this season. Hold onto your hats, kids. It’s gonna be a bumpy, singalong ride.

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on overcoming anxiety

I thought this was an article worth sharing, written by Canada’s own Dan Levy!

goodbye anxiety

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where have i been?

So, it has been a while since I’ve last posted. I never thought I’d say this, but I was taking some time for myself… Only I didn’t know it at the time. After feeling sluggish, unmotivated, and just kind of gross and bored, I got a crazy drive that forced me to start doing things I would never normally do, or have always wanted to do. So I made a little list of my top ten most proud accomplishments. Some things are frivolous, but they still felt like accomplishments.
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YouTube Evolution #1

You ever start watching just one video on YouTube and suddenly the sun has set and you’re late for your son’s graduation and your retirement party was an hour ago and your induction into the Procrastinator’s Hall of Fame ceremony is in five minutes? No? Oh. Well, I’ve been experiencing that tonight while I wait for my hair to dry (I hate sleeping on wet hair) because I forgot to pack my hairdryer when I moved. So, enjoy the fruits of my YouTube binge. Laid out in a cohesive evolution.

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Questionable #5

Lighthouse Park in Vancouver

Right now I’m sitting in Sarah’s apartment looking out at my new city while is ever-so-gently rains. It’s had me thinking of the last three months and everything that has or has not happened. When playing back this summer in my head like a montage, a few key moments stick out in my head. Which brings me to this edition of Questionable:

What has been your favorite moment of the summer?

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Mr. Nelson moves to Vancouver

Toy Story 3 was another slam-dunk Pixar experience that pulled at my heart-strings. What did I learn from it? TAKE YOUR FUCKING CHILDHOOD TOY TO COLLEGE WITH YOU, YA HEARTLESS JERK! So, I did. But what did Mr. Nelson (named after the Pippi Longstocking character, but pronounced nellson) think of his trip out to the west coast? Let me show you.

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Reason Vs. Emotion

In an effort to spark my writing juices, I purchased a “Vs” Journal. It gives you two options to battle against each other, or simply to riff about the topic. Today’s was:

Reason Vs. Emotion

Reason. There is always logical, and correct reasons for things, and situations. There is a right from wrong, good from bad, left from right (see what I did there??). I’ve been know to make most of my decisions based on the correct, reasonable choice. That’s who I am right now in my life, but I would be lying if I said I never made an unreasonable choice.

I would probably say emotion, if I was someone who had an emotional experience in my life. I’ve had the traumatic events of my grandparents deaths happen at such a young age, that I never had to make decisions based from their passing(s). I have both my parents, all my siblings, and a nephew on the way. None of my immediate family has life threatening diseases, or are not well off. The only stress in my family is material. I have yet to have emotion effect my decision making, excluding the whole Allan debacle in high school that continued onto our adult lives, but I’m just really good at holding grudges. I have not yet learned how to get over them, this is why cannot pick emotion. There has been no emotional situation happen to me to affect my decision making or to affect the decisions I have already made. But I know that something needs to happen soon, my life needs a change to it. I’m just waiting for it to happen.

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