Samara’s Close-Up

Name: Samara
Username: samaradanea
Hometown: Fort McMurray, AB (I know….)
Current Location: Cow Town aka Calgary, AB
Age: 27
Memorable Movie: Labyrinth! David Bowie in spandex with Puppets, you just can’t go wrong with that combo.
Drink of Choice: Spicy Caesar
Favourite Scent: Morning mountain air, ink from a newspaper crossword puzzle
Perfect Breakfast: Eggs Benedict with salmon and asparagus instead of ham with perfectly roasted garlic potatoes and homemade ketchup! (With a spicy Caesar!)


Bio: Sup!! I have never done this blog thing before, to tell you the truth. I don’t do too much more than creep on Facebook & watch cute videos of cats when it comes to the computer but I think that is all going to change. I am excited to share my thoughts, feelings and opinions about the universe, theatre, life, music, art, Jian Ghomeshi, travel by blimp, cats and any other nonsense that goes running through my brain at any given moment with the world through magic of the Internet. I hope to bring insight and humour to my day-to-day life by sharing it with you


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