Name: Sky Martin
Username: bluelightparties
Birthplace: Pattaya, Thailand.
Hometown: Calgary, AB
Current City: Lethbridge, AB

Age: 21 🙂
Memorable Movie: I’m a sucker for Pride and Prejudice. The scene where Elizabeth (Lizzie) gets proposed to is a really sweet and (lame) scene that I wish will happen to me in real life…er…one day…
Drink of Choice: Rum and coke 8)
Favourite Scent: Rain, Paint, Chlorine, Wood pencils and Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B perfume
Perfect Breakfast: Omelets (with lots of mushrooms) and toast with strawberry jam and banana’s slathered with Nutella! Plus a great cup of Green or Chai tea.

Sky Martin

Bio:  I’m a second year University student here in Lethbridge. I’m in the Art/Education program and so far I’m loving University. I love Lethbridge- it’s small enough to be cutesy and big enough not to be a hick town. The coolies are one of my favourite things about living here, they’re huge and have beautiful curves and are so green in the summer. I work at a Japanese restaurant here and I love going to work-not something many people could find themselves saying!

I love Japanese culture and I am have just finished a second year University course in Japanese language and am continuing to learn more in the fall.

I am a spiritual person and believe in karma and “what goes around comes around” so I am always trying to do good things for people and think positively all the time.

I love the colour blue (doesn’t everyone?) taking photos, looking for images in the clouds and late night escapades to Mac’s.

I would love to bring anything “artsy” to this blog, as well as anything to do with traveling or cool images of the world we live in. Paintings, photography, inspirational etc.


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