Toesho’s Close-Up

Name: Toesho (Pronounced “toe-show”, it was between that and “Tuberculosis”…I have been crowned with great nicknames…)
Username: toesho
Calgary, AB.
Age: 21
Memorable Movie: Big Fish
Drink of Choice: Lavender Mint Tea
Favorite Scent: Cardamon
Perfect Breakfast: French toast and loads of fruit.

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Bio:Salut! I’m Tasha (aka Toesho), currently a third year design major with some solid interests in Photography, Poetry, and artistic endeavors in general. I’m a soul searching woman on a mission to figure out life, love, and how it all works, or doesn’t…. I’m a yoga fanatic, newly established self love advocate, travel guru, hopeless romantic and currently obsessed with France/French. If you are looking for a smorgasbord of visual and literary inspiration, I’m your girl.


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